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FIVE Comes Alive!


Having seen a massive LOVE & PEACE display block showing at Glastonbury, our client asked us if we could help them create something similar for their five year company anniversary event. They wanted to achieve the word FIVE finished so as to allow the whole team to be able to doodle upon the surface, sign it, and basically mark it for posterity. Always up for a challenge we created a small maquette to prove the process and once that had been approved, we set to and upscaled the design to create the massive display.

The 1100mm x 300mm deep characters were machined from 9.0mm Medite MDF, carefully hand assembled to include strengthening inserts and then spray finished with a durable white eggshell paint. The whole word block measured some 3.2mtrs in length when stood end to end. The client was delighted with the job and it now has pride of place in their reception area for all to admire on a daily basis. If you would like to discuss the production of a bespoke display block, just make contact today.

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The speed with which you completed the work was tremendous!

Penny Walsh
Banking Automation Ltd

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