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Need to send us your files? Check below for best options & FTP details

If you need to send us your data files for quoting against or to have them checked out prior to running a digital job, then choose from one of the preferred options showing below; remember that certain file sizes can sometimes be blocked by your ISP, so if in doubt about the capability of your email limitation, select FTP (file transfer protocol) as the method of data transfer.

We can accept files via these methods

FTP Settings (for use in your browser or FTP program)

Address = ftp.evans-graphics.co.uk
User name = General
Password = cReteze2

The above setting will allow you to upload your files into our PUBLIC folder.  Should you require to send us files which cannot be viewed by anyone else, please request a secure folder to upload into.  This process normally takes up to an hour to create and set up a secure folder for you, subject to resources being available.

Once you have FTP'd your files into our server, please email or call us to ensure we are aware that they have been uploaded to us. The FTP server is not monitored, and we would not necessarily notice your file deposit << >> << 01628 773630 >>

In case of difficulty using the FTP service, please contact your account handler for assistance.

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