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Build Elements

  • Scroll bar for tables (Lane End)
  • Apply styling and iconography as per the visual
  • Use newer variation on the logo (see style sheet created by Claire)
  • The banners will be static (The one on the homepage will have text over the top)
  • (Banners awaiting photography)
  • Move side menu to the left
  • Adjust fonts
  • Add location item
  • Add social media icons and sharing as per existing site
  • Add all footer elements as per existing site
  • Add recruitment page
  • Add Latest News and Blog item (as per MAT)
  • Redesign contact page
  • Create download list item
  • Create callout styling
  • Create CSS buttons
  • Ensure all Intergage template elements are removed
  • Use the orange for hover states etc.
  • Blog & News styling
  • Should pages be articles?
  • Create styles to be able to pull through icons in callouts (hover etc)

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