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Magnetic Displays

Magnetic Signs for Cars, Classrooms and more...

Bespoke magnetic displays have various applications and by extension benefits.

Printed products of this variety can be fitted to vehicles as a means of advertising a company on the road. They can just as easily be utilised as visual learning tools, both for office and classroom environments.

Evans Graphics recognise the value of magnetic displays and are well versed in producing this collateral to any specification. Bespoke designs of all shapes and sizes can be realised courtesy of our high quality machinery and skillset. 

When it comes to training tools, we produce bespoke shaped add-ons. What's more, all parts can be laminated with a drywipe face seal, meaning with a drywipe pen the displays may be written on.

All our printed magnetic car and van signs and displays are produced using our amazing high quality CMYK output. This gurantees designs will look exactly as you imagined them!

Magnetic Display, Visual Learning Aid - Evans Graphics

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