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"Signage is a design or use of signs and symbols to communicate a message to a specific group"

Signs comes in various forms. Evans Graphics specialise in them all.

For more than three decades we’ve produced high-quality, impactful signage ranging from storefronts to POS. 

Our innovative approach often involves blending methods, adding that extra touch of magic to your prints. This fusion of technology allows us to offer you work that is not just visually stunning but also technologically advanced, setting your designs apart from the crowd.


Placement and Durability

Our collective experience, combined with state of the art, industry leading machinery, mean we’re well placed to print signs bespoke to your requirements.

The Evans team on-hand to assist clients however they see fit and can even contribute to the design phase if required. We’ll talk you through the differences between indoor and outdoor signage, as well as the key considerations concerning placement and durability.

Over the years our printed signage has helped to transform office spaces, lure crowds and direct traffic. Be it for retail, event or refurbishment purposes, our signs always have the desired effect


Our understanding of all possible substrates allows us to create signs from a wide range of materials, including the following…

  • Sign Block PC Foam
  • Foamex
  • Aluminium composite
  • Acrylic
  • MDF
  • Plywood

Browse our pages dedicated to the various types of signage to learn more.


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Retail Signage

Retail Signage


Point of Sale

Point of Sale


Event Signage

Event Signage


Aluminium Signage

Aluminium Signage


Office Signage

Office Signage


Foamex Signage

Foamex Signage


Bespoke Signage

Bespoke Signage



 We are the trusted partner to your creative expression, ensuring that your design intentions shine through. Just as you imagined.


Cases & Wallets


Printed presentation materials are a great way to differentiate your business.


Shape Cut


Whether it’s in the form of a free-standing display, signage or standee, these easily printed marketing assets deliver a huge impact for a low cost.


Display Boards


We offer both indoor and outdoor materials which can be easily wall mounted or used as free standing signage.


Exhibition Graphics


Our exhibition graphics are printed on high quality materials and can be finished in a variety of ways.




Magnetic printed materials can be fitted to vehicles as a means of advertising on the road.




Posters can be displayed anywhere and have a great impact.




We’ve been producing high-quality, high-impact signs for over 30 years. Everything from storefronts to POS.




Stickers are as popular as ever. Used to great effect on the high street, in classrooms and vehicles.


Window Decoration


Full colour window graphics are a great way to brand any office or retail window, be it with company logos, designs or strap lines.

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"We wanted to have our company logo on the glass partitions of our meeting room and had the image pre-designed when we approached Evans Graphics. We are extremely pleased with the end result as it looks so good. I will definitely use Evans Graphics again and recommend them to others too."

Joe Hart

"Evans Graphics was very helpful with the magnetic van designs. Helped us make use of advertising space while also keeping it looking smart. Great job, very happy."

Thomas Jackson

"Evans Graphics did exactly as I expected. Prints were delivered on time, in perfect order and the print quality was spot on. Thank you for making my life a little easier!"

Joe, Really Awesome Coffee

"Great quality, reliable and helpful. Evans did a fantastic job for us. Despite the tricky specs and the tight timeline we gave them, the team pulled out all the stops to produce what we needed."

Cat Kienwald

"Really pleased with the service we received whilst ordering magnetic minibus banners for our school. Prompt responses, high quality printing and finishing and really quickly delivered-- even a little ahead of the day they had quoted me which was a fantastic surprise as we needed the banners pretty quickly. Will definitely use again."

Remy Njambi

"Evans did some magnetic education resources for us. I had a lot of questions and they were patient and gave really good information about what was or wasn't possible and why. Great comms."

James Harris

"Fantastic service & very professional. helpful with the format needed. I required magnets for outdoor use, but also allowed several to be placed on top of each other. Marc was excellent in understanding my special requirements."

Debbie Taylor

"We approached Evans Graphics very last minute for some magnetic van graphics for a high profile event we were sponsoring, the staff at Evans were super helpful, super responsive and turned them around with time to spare."

Camille Ashforth

"Excellent service, efficiency and quality of printed signs. I would highly recommend."

Helen Trueman

"Fabulous company with great customer service! Needed help and Evans Graphics didn't hesitate to give me the direction needed. Would use again and definitely would recommend! Thank You."

Radley James

Products : Signage : Blogs : Digital Printing Pros and Cons

Digital Printing Pros and Cons

Digital printing has certainly grown in popularity over recent years, in fact in 2017, digital printing accounted for 16.2% of the global print market value (1). As a result of it has increased in popularity, many people often believe that digital printing is the best option for them, which isn’t always the case.

At Evans Graphics, we believe that the outcome you would like to achieve for your project is best served by utilising our experience and knowledge which in turn will determine which print method to use.

Digital printing uses high resolution, digital based files to produce an image or graphic onto the chosen printed material providing great speed, flexibility and accuracy. This however doesn’t make it the perfect print method in all instances.

This post will take a closer look at some of the most prominent pros and cos of digital printing, helping you to make an informed decision before committing to a print method.

Digital Pros Iconography | Evans Graphics


Quite often when looking to print promotional materials you will be faced with a very tight deadline to not only design the graphics but also print them. Turning this around to meet a specified deadline can be a challenge and so the speed at which your printer can get this done and delivered is crucial.

Compared to other methods of print like screen printing, digital printing offers a quick turnaround time due to the lack of set up and manual intervention required.

Any good print provider will also be able to turn this around in a short amount of time, many within days and some within 24 hours. However, it is always best to check with your print provider, how long they need to get the job done.

At Evans Graphics our lead-times are of course subject to current workloads and the type of project that is in question, saying this however, quite often for small run digital printed items 24 hours is on average our standard!

You Can Print in Lower Quantities
If you are looking to print in lower quantities, digital printing can be much more cost effective and offers an almost ‘printing on demand’ service which is ideal if you are looking to print just a couple of posters, 1 or 2 display boards or a small number of pull up banners.

As a result of the minimal set up process, there is rarely a minimum number of units required by printers and often, you won’t be charged extra if you only want a couple of prints, or a short print run.

More Accurate Proofing
Getting to see an example of your design before committing to printing 100s of units is crucial and can make the difference between having a perfect design and making a mistake that will last forever, potentially costing your business money!

One of the beauties of digital printing is that you get picture perfect, accurate proofing before committing to print. The proof which will often be presented as a PDF and will offer an opportunity to see the final design and give you a chance to review and identify any changes in design, typos or errors in judgement in the confidence that you haven’t wasted your print budget.

Digital printing also has the ability to produce each and every unit in a way that ensures each unit looks exactly the same.


Limited Colour Matching Capability
Despite the constant improvements in digital printing, it can unfortunately still be difficult to match Pantone colours exactly when using digital printing. This is due to the differences in inks, rasterization techniques and toners used with each printing machine, causing slight differences in colour finish when printed.

Digital printing also can’t achieve metallic and fluorescent colours within design which isn’t ideal if you are looking to achieve something slightly more eye catching. If you are looking to print a design with fluorescent or metallic colours, screen printing would be a more suitable method as it gives much greater flexibility in terms of colour available.

Material Options
When large format print first entered the print arena limitations of materials were endless. These days with the huge improvements in ink and material technology it is possible to print successfully onto a host of materials ranging from woods, plastics, glass and PVC’s. There are of course some material such as some polyesters and polycarbonate where screen print wins hands down for ink key.

Digital printing offers a reasonable standard of durability particularly those who offer UV curable inks. Whilst it cannot be said that ink fade will never happen if the correct materials for the project are used as a rule a 3-4 years life can be expected on externally exposed items.

We’ve Got You Covered

Evans Graphics has extensive experience providing digital print solutions and can work with you to meet your individual digital printing requirements whether it be for exhibition graphics, display boards, window displays or signage.

If you would like more information on our digital printing capabilities or would like help with your print project please get in touch or give us a call on 01628 773 630 and we would be happy to help.

Contact us today to discuss your print project with a member of our team.


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