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Resin Doming

Enhance & Protect Your Products

With the ability to add a clear flexible polyurethane resin onto your product, you can add a whole new dimension to the finished appearance of your label or badge. Using a measured dose of pre-mixed resin you can obtain a superb domed effect on top of your printed article. The hardened polyurethane resin gives a tough, yet flexible surface which will withstand the general knocks and dents it is bound to pick up.

Self-Restoring Powers

The self-restoring surface slowly heals itself back to how it was when first cast. Providing the dent or dink is not too great, then the dome recovers until it looks like new. Unaffected by sea water and most household chemicals, the resin dome provides a superior way to ensure that the label or badge retains it's pristine appearance for a long time.

Is Resin Doming Right for You?

Doming is not suitable for everything, and certain traits do emerge, for instance, colouring or tinting. This is where the background colour is taken up by the lens effect of the dome, and is often seen as a coloured tinge. It is more noticeable on white backgrounds, whereby the brilliant whiteness first created via printing is lost under the resin, and begins to show as more "yellowy" than white. Good design can overcome this, and generally we can find a solution for you.


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