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Digitally Printed Tyvek Posters & Banners

Tyvek is a feather-light, ultra strong synthetic material which can be used to good effect for exterior grade posters and banners and is ideal for Digital Printing. With its excellent all round weather proof properties and superb printability, this unique material is an ideal choice for all styles of flexible outdoor display work.

We can print Tyvek Posters & Banners up to 1300mm in width and 3000mm in length.

Our TS600 loves to print on this material and the colours it can produce are just superb. For maximum colour impact and outdoor durability, we believe Tyvek simply cannot be beaten!

Why Tyvek Posters ?

Tyvek Posters are incredibly tough, you simply cannot tear it, no matter what

  •  It receives print superbly and does real justice to images
  • It does not degrade and will outlast conventional banner grade PVC
  • It does not need welding to give it extra strength around the edges
  • 100% weather proof, come rain or shine
  • Can be trimmed, sewn, eyeletted, folded and taped if required - it has even been made into dresses! Yes, you can produly sport a tyvek dress.
  • Is 100% recyclable when finished with, and can be safely disposed of
  • £ for £ is more cost effective than banner grade PVC

We have produced 1000's of square metres of Tyvek output since first discovering how good this material is, why not ask to see a sample and decide for yourself? We are sure you will join the growing number of converts when you have experienced the Tyvek approach to flexible exterior grade displays.

What's been produced in Tyvek recently ?

  • 2 & 5 metre banners for the Rosbifs & Snails Charity Tour
  • A0 sized digital posters for a solar panel energy project in Libya
  • 2 metre advertising banners for use in a snow dome
  • 3 metre sized "canvasses" for British Gas Business

Why Use Evans Graphics For Your Tyvek Posters

Having been trading for over 25 years in high quality printed output, Evans Graphics have earned the reputation for:

  • Superb customer service
  • Excellent value for money
  • Quick turnaround
  • Excellent print quality
  • Flexibility - short runs are not a problem!

Want to create your own Tyvek poster? Request A Quote or Contact Us.

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