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Age Old Technique, Modern Methods

Whilst digital printing is an exciting and continuously developing technology, screen printing is still a superior process depending on the material you’re using and the end result you want to achieve.

We work with both semi-automated machinery and manual hand-benches to combine many years of real experience with modern screen print production techniques.

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We've Got All Your Screen Printing Needs Covered

From simple ink on paper for bill-board posters, right though to multiple colours in the most demanding array of layered colour industrial overlays, we can work with you to screen print your needs. Our process is incredibly flexible, and there is very little that we cannot screen print. Industrial labelling is a specialty of ours, and we've been manufacturing high quality labelling for over 30+ years.

Inspecting a wet screen print

Types of Screen Printing Uses & Applications

  • Vinyl stickers and decals
  • Self-cling vinyl stickers
  • General labelling onto plastics and PVC's
  • Polyester & polycarbonate fascia overlays
  • Correx advertising boards
  • Fascia & Instrument panels
  • Castings & Housings
  • Pre-formed Tins & Canisters
  • 3D objects needing post production marking
  • Polypropylene Wallets, Binders, Slip Cases and Presentation Items
  • Metallic & Fluorescent Finishes
  • Opaque and hand-matched Pantone™ colours

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