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MDF and Plywood printing 

You think it, we'll print it!

Both MDF and Plywood offer a cost effective way to create a display compared to real wood. MDF is made from bonded wood fibres and Plywood from multiple thin layers of wood veneer.

Digital Print or Screen Print?

Both MDF and Plywood can either be digitally or screen printed, and then further machined to create unique pieces that are strong, smooth and durable. Plywood generates a great natural look with the real wood grain showing through. If required we can also include a spot white print which again really helps to add a further show stopping element to your printed design.

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Our range of finishing technology also enables us to engineer some fantastic shapes and three-dimensional designs which when coupled with high quality digital print really does push the boundaries of what your imagination can dream up. We have fully automated nesting software too, which ensures we always maximise the return from a sheet of material, especially when cutting bespoke lettering and individual fret-cut shapes in multiples.

Features & Benefits of MDF/Plywood Printing

  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Cohesive - will not split
  • Flexible
  • Shapes Well
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Superior Resistance to Warping
  • Cost Effective

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