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Hi-Resolution, Large Format Acrylic Printing

Evans Graphics have a wealth of experience in acrylic printing and have long delighted customers with the quality and resolution of our acrylic panels.

Opal Acrylic panel sign

Stunning detail is achieved courtesy of print tables that image at over 1000dpi, even on the largest sheet sizes.

Bespoke  Acrylic Printing Office Signage - Evans Graphics Cotterel Acrylic Signage - Evans Graphics

Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, acrylic can be mounted on stand-off pegs that allow light to give the material a natural luminosity from behind. We can also lay down a super dense opaque white background layer if required. This additional capability gives you scope to be extra creative when using glass clear acrylic materials.

Our large format digital printers allow us to create high resolution, full colour prints on the biggest acrylic sheet sizes. This means there are very few restrictions when it comes to design and thickness.

All of our acrylic panels are precision machined to final size and come complete with machine polished edges and drilled holes if required. Customers can rest assured they are receiving a high quality acrylic product.

Laser cut acrylic characters

5mm Acrylic Printed characters Laser Cut Acrylic Printed Lettering - Evans Graphics

Given the rise of acrylic in branding, Evans Graphics also offer bespoke laser cut acrylic characters. We can produce lettering, numbers, and logos, all of which we can supply fully spray painted in a variety of surface finishes and colours. Hidden fixings are also available to suit your display project. 

Types of Acrylic Uses & Applications

Acrylic is a resilient and versatile material to work with, it’s lighter, cheaper, and safer to use than glass and its thermal properties allow it to be shaped into beautiful designs.

The malleable nature and rigid strength of acrylic allow it to be used for a range of design opportunities that would be considered too impractical or expensive to achieve with other materials.

Acrylic has many uses and applications however some of the most popular include:

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