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Print Finishing

Evans Graphics are print finishers of the highest order.

We boast one of only a handful of touch screen Preco cutting presses in the UK, complete with optical XYZ registration and fast accurate cutting. 

This, combined with 3 Zund plotting tables, a 1040 x 860mm sized Viking Platen and an assortment of additional cutting machinery, mean we are well equipped (literally) to produce the products you demand.

Our die-cutting credentials are unrivalled, with 50+ years of experience between staff members.

This specialist team is on-hand to guide you through the maze of technical issues that can arise in print projects. Let our experience be your assurance.

We will die-cut virtually all materials currently used in the labelling and point of sale markets. If we are unable to fit your order on our platens, our excellent trade associations will ensure we get the order completed on time and on budget, using the right machine.

Evans' finishing section is capable of converting most materials quickly and efficiently....

Zund 1600XL - Evans Graphics

With a total of three Zund™ plotting tables, offering different capabilities owing to their unique tool head fittings, our digital finishing departments usurp the competition.

The tables are absolute workhorses, and the results are just superb.

Kiss-cutting, creasing, perforating, varnishing, foil stamping and blanking right out, there is no limit to what we can make these machines do for you!

This extends to Prototyping, which is anything but a inconvenience. Instead we invite clients to 'try before they buy'.

Camera recognition is utilised to ensure that the correct part profile is always drawn over the printed sheet work, this ensures that we get the most accurate cut to print result available for the combination of material and shape complexity on your order.

We also utilise hydraulic power and hand turned fly-presses, this for punching light metals and tight tolerance labels with male/female tooling.

Our experienced toolmakers are on hand to serve you. Working with carefully selected means, we ensure we get the correct tool, first time around!

Punching polyester is another speciality service we can offer you. Our experience in designing production layouts helps to maximise the efficient use of materials, with minimal draw waste after processing.

We are also able to laminate specific materials together using one of our various laminators.

Put simply, we cover all bases!

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