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Evans Graphics specialises in two primary types of printing - both of which are versatile and adaptable enough to cover the vast majority of your printing needs.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing technology has progressed greatly in a short space of time to become the dominant printing process for most short run products. Evans Graphics has evolved as the technology has, and maintains custom built state of the art Digital printing equipment on site that can accomplish almost any task achievable by a Digital Printer. This has led to us becoming one of the region's leading digital printing companies.

Digital Printing methods are ideally suited to products where the volumes are relatively small and the design is such that it involves the use of CMYK with many colours and tints. There are far less origination costs involved in setting up to print digitally.

See our technology page for details on our digital print options...


Digital Printing


Screen Printing

Screen Printing is still fairly common today even though the advances in Digital Printing technology has allowed it perform many of the tasks that were the traditionally the domain of Screen Printing.

However, there are still many tasks that can only be accomplished by the unique qualities of the Screen Printing process which are simply not possible with a digital print table. Screen Printing can even print on the more awkwardly shaped cylindrical and 3D shaped items for instance, and is also able to print on a much wider range of materials that Digital Printers just cannot handle for one reason or another.

Evans Graphics still maintains its Screen Printing service for this reason - providing you with the perfect blend of modern technology and traditional production processes. Click below for more information on how screen printing works...


Screen Printing

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