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Zund Wide Format Finishing Tables

Swiss engineering at its finest; our drag knife cutting tables are a staple part of our finishing armoury, and since we've been using the tables from the year 2000 onwards, we like to think we know how to get the best out of them.

We employ a variety of different tool heads which gives us all of the available cutting options for the wide variety of materials that we work with. Our oscillating knife is particularly good at cutting tricky materials requiring a delicate touch, whereas our creasing wheel tools allow us to accurately produce folding box-board carton work on the fly. Shown below cutting out gloss finished Foamex table top showcards in a multi-up format.

Zund 1600XL - Evans Graphics

Machinable Materials:

  • Vinyl & Bannergrade PVC
  • Papers
  • Acetates
  • Polyesters & Polyethylenes
  • Aluminium Foil Laminates
  • MDF, Plywood, Hard and Soft Woods
  • Industrial Plastics and Polypropylene
  • Cast and Extruded Acrylics
  • Sign Block PU Foam
  • Zote Foam
  • Rigid Foamed PVC
  • Modelling Board
  • Coated Board
  • Folding Box Board
  • Fluted Core Material

M1200 Zund Table Control - Evans Graphics

Key Features and Specification:

  • Highly accurate servo driven motors
  • Precision depth control for perfect kiss-cutting
  • Camera controlled target recognition system
  • High performance vacuum bed
  • Factory level productivity
  • Rock solid reliablity

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