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Corrugated Board Printing 

You think it, we'll print it!

Corrugated board comes in a wide variety of sheet sizes and paper finishes. Typically either kraft or white, which can be either plain or clay coated. Clay coated board allows the ink to sit up a little on the surface and is not quite as absorbent as uncoated board. With a choice of several flute types too, notably F, E, B and even EB, we can offer a corrugated board that is best suited to your design application.

Digital Print or Screen Print?

We can use both of our printing processes on corrugated board, and subject to design and run length, we will advise you of how best to work with this material. Screen printing tends to lend itself to longer runs, especially where there are solid block colours to be printed, it's a whole lot easier to screen a solid colour than it is to try and print it using process CMYK detail.

At Evans Graphics we use a combination of large format printers and UV inks when printing directly onto corrugated board which means that the digital image is replicated exactly onto the material. However, screen printing onto corrugated board can be beneficial for more complex designs, the process allows for a greater build-up of ink.

Finishing & Corrugated Board Engineering

Our range of finishing technology also enables us to engineer some imaginative shapes and three-dimensional designs which when coupled with high quality digital print really does push the boundaries of what your imagination can dream up. We have fully automated nesting software too, which ensures we always maximise the return from a sheet of material, especially when cutting showcards and display headers.


Standees are a tried and trusted method of engaging your audience, using free standing or mounted corrugated board cut outs can help you make an impact you need. Many people may still associate standees with film and music releases however creating a bespoke standee out of corrugated board has never been easier and can be used for a wide range of applications including POS displays, conferences, and exhibitions.

Features & Benefits

Corrugated board is a highly sought-after material that provides many benefits when used in printing, including:

  • Economical
  • Relatively green source of material
  • Long or short fluted
  • Practical
  • Prints and converts well
  • Choice of flute styles
  • Cost effective
  • 100% Recyclable

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