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Choosing the Right Digital Printing Materials

To deliver an industry leading service, we have invested to stay at the leading edge of digital printing techology and signage.

This means that we can support you with any large scale project; digitally printing any design on to almost any material, and fabricating 3D creations to your specifciations.

This means you get exactly what you wanted, when you wanted it and all the while supported by experts who truly understand the end product you’re trying to create.

Choosing your digital printing material can be a tricky business:

  • Location; will it be inside or outside?
  • Usage; does it need to be rigid or flexible?
  • Permanence; is this a short term project or expected to maintain quality of appearance for years?
  • Design; will this be a complex, multi-dimensional shape?
  • Durability; will your project be subject to high levels of wear & tear?
  • Effect; what's the look you are aiming for?
  • Delivery; how will it get to location?
  • Installation; will it need to be built into location?

We will work with you to determine the answers and from that produce something fantastic. All of the above and more will influence the choice of material.

To better understand these materials we have provided descriptions for each as well as where they can be put to best use.

Want to know more about the materials we digitally print onto? Visit our blog or Contact Us.

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