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Polyurethane Resin Doming

What is Resin Doming?

Doming is the process of covering the surface of a product with a resin, ordinarily made from polyurethane. It’s a popular way to refine edges and gives designs a well-rounded finish.

Resin doming has many advantages. This added layer helps protect the item against scratches and, when done right, can add real value to the final product.

As well as boosting weight and thickness it can introduce a 3D effect and enhance the overall design.

Resin doming is often used to refine magnets, key chains and labels.

Enhance & Protect Your Products

You can add a new dimension to your product by applying a clear, flexible polyurethane resin dome.

Using a measured dose of pre-mixed resin, you can obtain a superb domed effect on top of your printed article. The hardened polyurethane resin provides a tough yet flexible surface designed to withstand general wear and tear.

Resin Doming - Evans Graphics

Self-Restoring Powers

The self-restoring surface slowly reverts back to how it was when initially cast. Providing the dent or dink is not too great, the dome recovers until it looks brand new.

Unaffected by sea water and most household chemicals, a resin dome provides a superior way to ensure that your label, badge or keychain retains it's pristine appearance for years to come.

Is Resin Doming Right for You?

Doming is not suitable for all products and is prone to discolouration and tinting. This is where the background colour is taken up by the lens effect of the dome and results in a coloured tinge.

This downside is more noticeable on white backgrounds, wherein the whiteness created during print is lost under the resin and turns a yellow hue. Thankfully, good design can prevent this and rest assured Evans Graphics will find a solution.

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