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Tyvek™ Printing

A super synthetic material ideal for posters, banners, dress making and more!

Tyvek™ is an ultra-strong, light weight synthetic ideally suited to our digital printing process.

Its all round weather proof properties and superb printability make it a unique material, ideal for all manner of outdoor displays. Yet it's capable of so much more than external posters and banners...

Evans Graphics have produced ladies fashion dresses, gentlemen's wallets, folio bags, weatherproof maps and a host of other products printing on Tyvek™. Its versatility goes a long way to explaining its popularity.

Material Sizes

Tyvek™ can be printed in roll format up to 1500mm in width (dependant upon type and availability) x whatever length you require. We can always sheet the roll stock down beforehand if we need to produce your requirements in flat sheet form.

We make a point of adapting to the design in question so get in touch if you have any questions concerning Tyvek™ sheets.

Types of Tyvek™ Uses & Applications

Tyvek™ is a highly versatile material that can be found in everything from posters to clothing. It’s strong, weatherproof, and water repellent which makes it the go-to material for outdoor applications.

There’s a wide range of uses for Tyvek™ but some of the most popular applications include:

  • Large Event Banners
  • Posters
  • Advertising Banners
  • Canvas Style Promotional Banners
  • Fashion - Tyvek dresses
  • Bags & Totes
  • Building Coverings
  • Maps
  • Medical Packaging
  • Racing Numbers
  • Self-Adhesive Labels
  • Wallets

Features and Benefits

Tyvek™ is a material that’s popular with designers and print providers as it’s one of the most versatile materials there is. Some of the features and benefits that make it such a popular choice include:

  • Incredibly strong and very hard wearing
  • Produces high quality print (subject to A/W)
  • Can be printed on either side if required
  • Does not degrade quickly
  • Needs no reinforcing
  • 100% weather proof
  • Can be trimmed, eyeletted, folded and taped if required
  • 100% recyclable
  • Pound for pound, Tyvek™ is more cost effective than banner grade PVC

Want to print onto Tyvek™? Request A Quote or Contact Us.

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