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Fusion Graphic overlays

What is a Fusion Graphic overlay?

Here at Evans Graphics we create Fusion Graphic overlays tailored to you and your product.

Born from a clever combination of polycarbonate (or polyester skins) and specialist adhesives, they are worked to a high degree of tolerance, producing a tough, hard-wearing fascia ideal for machinery.

Historically screen printed, we've recently broken with tradition to create overlays digitally, affording our customers more in the way of choice and pricing options. Learn more about our innovative method here.


Avolites Fusion Graphic Overlay - Evans Graphics

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Why would you need a Fusion Graphic overlay on your product?

Fusion Graphic Overlays are all around, though few of us ever notice. Without them however we'd be quite lost as they not only help to protect equipment but provide visuals clues as to how to use it. In summary, they offer you:

  • Hard Wearing Surface Finish
  • Highly Accurate Profiling Method
  • Long Lasting and Extremely Durable
  • Tolerance to Heat and Liquids

Fusion Graphic Overlay - Evans Graphics

In short, Fusion Graphic overlays can be used wherever you need a decorative graphic fascia for your control or information panel.

Want to create your own fusion graphic? Request A Quote or Contact Us.

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