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Laser Marking

Why Choose Laser Marking?

Laser marking is relatively new, compared to traditional marking methods, indeed the first industrial lasers only began to appear in the 1960's and these were used mainly for drilling.

Laser marking has evolved and is used in many industries where it offers significant advantages over conventional marking.


Laser marking offers many advantages and each user will find specific benefits as they integrate it into their production processes.

The generation of the laser mark is under computer control and therefore the process is very flexible. Complex marks can be generated with ease to include logos, part numbers, symbology and date codes etc.

This very process may be linked to a database, so that manufacturing information such as ident codes may be applied automatically, and each part may have a unique identification mark.

  • Permanent

The process produces a permanent mark actually in the surface of the part so consequently it is almost forgery proof.

  • Non Contact

Marks are applied without physical contact to the device therefore the risk of damage is greatly reduced.

  • Speed

The process is very fast with marking speeds up to 100 characters per second, and requires no chemicals or subsequent operations such as baking in ovens for long periods to cure. Laser marking for that reason, is environmentally friendly.

With very few moving parts the process is both repeatable and reliable and produces a clear mark legible to both the human eye and importantly machine vision systems, which may be used to identify the component at some later stage.

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