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Polypropylene Cases and Wallets

Make An IMPACT With A Bespoke Polypropylene Case or Wallet!

Polypropylene case and wallets are a durable and high quality presentation solution when you want to deliver a strongly branded premium case for documents, books or other important content you want to share with your clients.

Evans Graphics have a wealth of experience when it comes to printing on polypropylene and producing high impact products.

Polypropylene Wallets - Evans GraphicsToshiba Casing, Polypropylene Wallets - Evans Graphics

We have the capacity to produce short or long runs of polypropylene cases and will adapt to your business needs.


When printing on polypropylene Evans Graphics make cases to any size or shape. Knowing what you’re planning to place within yours is a good first step.

From there we may use a pre-made die or design and develop one specific to your needs.

Types of Polypropylene Case and Wallet Uses & Applications

  • Conferences
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Project meetings
  • Product launches
  • Government
  • Seminars
  • Sales events
  • Exhibitions


To secure your polypropylene case/wallet, you can choose from a range of closure mechanisms. Whether you choose a tuck closure or a physical clip, we can make it just the way you want it.

Whether you need a single product or thousands of polypropylene cases/wallets, we're your partner! Short runs are no problem at all.

What is Polypropylene?

Evans Graphics have vast experience printing on polypropylene. A robust thermoplastic polymer plastic, this material is ideal for communication and display products. As well as being the perfect choice for our cases and wallets, Polypropylene is also 100% recyclable!

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