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Free Standing Displays, Figure Standees & Media Displays

Shape cut is a great way to help your business or product offering quite literally stand out from a crowd.

Whether it’s in the form of a free-standing display, signage or standee, these easily printed marketing assets provide huge impact for a low cost.

Paired with our impressive finishing capabilities, high quality shape cut is ideal for trade shows, exhibitions and retail environments, amongst others.



As the name suggests, these items can be shaped to your exact requirements, this courtesy of our large format digital printing machinery and die cutting capabilities. Customers can also embrace a wide range of materials, including cardboard, MDF and Tyvek.

With no limit on quantity, short print runs can be accommodated, helping to reduce clutter.

So too can ambitious designs, with life-size custom cardboard cutouts and complex designs encouraged for those looking to print something truly unique and memorable. Rest assured all geometric shapes can be realised and then some!


Shape cut products are extremely versatile and lend themselves to a host of environments and applications. Here are just some of the ways they can be put to use...

  • Point of Sale Displays
  • Media Events
  • Photoshoot Boards
  • Selfie Frames
  • Feedback/Document Collection Points
  • Indoor or Outdoor Signage







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Bespoke Shape Cut

Bespoke Shape Cut


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 We are the trusted partner to your creative expression, ensuring that your design intentions shine through. Just as you imagined.


Cases & Wallets


Printed presentation materials are a great way to differentiate your business.


Shape Cut


Whether it’s in the form of a free-standing display, signage or standee, these easily printed marketing assets deliver a huge impact for a low cost.


Display Boards


We offer both indoor and outdoor materials which can be easily wall mounted or used as free standing signage.


Exhibition Graphics


Our exhibition graphics are printed on high quality materials and can be finished in a variety of ways.




Magnetic printed materials can be fitted to vehicles as a means of advertising on the road.




Posters can be displayed anywhere and have a great impact.




We’ve been producing high-quality, high-impact signs for over 30 years. Everything from storefronts to POS.




Stickers are as popular as ever. Used to great effect on the high street, in classrooms and vehicles.


Window Decoration


Full colour window graphics are a great way to brand any office or retail window, be it with company logos, designs or strap lines.

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"We wanted to have our company logo on the glass partitions of our meeting room and had the image pre-designed when we approached Evans Graphics. We are extremely pleased with the end result as it looks so good. I will definitely use Evans Graphics again and recommend them to others too."

Joe Hart

"Evans Graphics was very helpful with the magnetic van designs. Helped us make use of advertising space while also keeping it looking smart. Great job, very happy."

Thomas Jackson

"Evans Graphics did exactly as I expected. Prints were delivered on time, in perfect order and the print quality was spot on. Thank you for making my life a little easier!"

Joe, Really Awesome Coffee

"Great quality, reliable and helpful. Evans did a fantastic job for us. Despite the tricky specs and the tight timeline we gave them, the team pulled out all the stops to produce what we needed."

Cat Kienwald

"Really pleased with the service we received whilst ordering magnetic minibus banners for our school. Prompt responses, high quality printing and finishing and really quickly delivered-- even a little ahead of the day they had quoted me which was a fantastic surprise as we needed the banners pretty quickly. Will definitely use again."

Remy Njambi

"Evans did some magnetic education resources for us. I had a lot of questions and they were patient and gave really good information about what was or wasn't possible and why. Great comms."

James Harris

"Fantastic service & very professional. helpful with the format needed. I required magnets for outdoor use, but also allowed several to be placed on top of each other. Marc was excellent in understanding my special requirements."

Debbie Taylor

"We approached Evans Graphics very last minute for some magnetic van graphics for a high profile event we were sponsoring, the staff at Evans were super helpful, super responsive and turned them around with time to spare."

Camille Ashforth

"Excellent service, efficiency and quality of printed signs. I would highly recommend."

Helen Trueman

"Fabulous company with great customer service! Needed help and Evans Graphics didn't hesitate to give me the direction needed. Would use again and definitely would recommend! Thank You."

Radley James

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Digital Printing FAQs

The print world was tipped on its axis in the mid 90s when digital offered a welcome alternative to traditional methods. Technological advancement has improved its output tenfold and by extension heightened its appeal. Nevertheless, there remains a good deal of uncertainty about the process itself.

To better explain large format digital Evans Graphics have compiled a definitive list of FAQs. If, after reading this post, you remain unsure on any aspect of the practice do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions | Evans Graphics

What is Digital Printing?

A process by which printing is controlled by computers. Electronic files are replicated using dots and colours to produce an image using either toner or ink. Unlike Litho print there is no need for printing plates and unlike screen print screens and lengthy sets ups are not required.

When did Digital Printing come into effect?

As recently as 1993, 600 years after the first recorded examples of print. Indigo launched their now legendary E-Print 1000, a device capable of printing directly from a computer file. This is credited with revolutionising an industry which has never looked back.

What does DPI mean?

DPI stands for dots per inch and is a quality measurement for print work. 300 dpi is the accepted standard for printed materials. Dipping below 200 dpi will almost certainly result in diminished quality.

How long does digital printing take?

One of the real appeals of digital print is the fact it offers a quick turnaround. Unlike other forms of print there is no need for additional set up processes, an inclusion which can delay any job. Overall less time is dedicated to the pre-press set-up while the aftermath also flows faster. Indeed cutting, folding and more can be started almost immediately as the inks dry immediately.

Is Digital Print a hands-on process?

Not really... Digital is for all intents and purposes non-contact. All designs and images are produced courtesy of ink jet nozzles, these are governed by a computer. Once instructed said nozzles spray the requisite amount of ink onto the designated area of substrate. So, while clients may be heavily involved in the design process the physical creation of their work is taken care of for them.

Is Digital Print good for short or long runs?

Digital printing is typically associated with short runs. One of the processes clear advantages is the absence of any real set-up, meaning trial runs or sampling can be overseen at little cost or effort. Indeed Evans Graphics in particular welcome the opportunity to print a single sample for review before committing to any mass order.

Depending on the project and material quantities range between 1 and 500 are ideally suited to digital, which is naturally utilised for any on-demand service. Anything more will see costs rise.

What can be printed Digitally?

Any manner of materials. Think billboards, posters, PVC banners, hoarding displays, building wraps, interior graphics like wallpaper, vinyl’s and display boards as well as acrylics can even be realised this way.

What is the difference between CMYK and RGB?

CMYK refers to a selection of colours; they being Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Combinations of this quartet create a full colour palette. Magenta and yellow for instance will bring about red.

RGB meanwhile relates to Red, Green and Blue – the colours of light a computer screen blends in order to form colours upon it.

Can Digital Print replicate colours exactly?

Nearly but not quite. Colours can be matched with precision however in instances where more specific pantones are required end users should be mindful that vibrant greens and oranges will not be exact. This pair are better realised using offset methods, which guarantee an identical match-up.

Can special print effects be achieved digitally?

Yes. The quality of the printer will obviously influence what can and cannot be rolled out but modern machinery will allow for the likes of white and UV red invisible inks alike.

Clear varnish and gloss effects meanwhile are now commonplace, along with an emboss effect invaluable for the likes of certificates.

What is a bleed?

A bleed refers to ink that exceeds the trim edge of a page. Why? To ensure it extends the edge of the page after trimming. Clients are encouraged to build in 3mm worth of bleed on all edges given that digital printing involves a fair amount of movement.

Is Digital Printing good for the environment?

Better than most traditional methods certainly.

Does Digital Printing allow for flexibility?

Absolutely, all because of what is termed Variable Data. Being computers control the entire process it is far easier to change the content whilst an item is actually being printed. Customisation at this stage is now commonplace.

How much does it cost?

Any outlay is obviously dependent on the machinery deployed however digital is celebrated for being considerably cheaper than the likes of offset. Basic black and white outputs in particular are low cost whilst the absence of any set-up and plate expense mean your overall outlay should remain fairly modest.

Contact us today to discuss your print project with a member of our team.

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