Printed Using Amazing High-Quality CMYK Output

Magnetic Signs for Cars, Classrooms and more...

Bespoke magnetic displays have various applications and by extension, benefits.



Printed products of this variety can be fitted to vehicles as a means of advertising a company on the road. They can just as easily be utilised as visual learning tools, both for office and classroom environments.

Evans Graphics recognise the value of magnetic displays and are well versed in producing this collateral to most specifications. Bespoke designs of all shapes and sizes can be realised courtesy of our high quality machinery and skill sets. 

Bespoke Add-Ons

When it comes to training tools, we produce bespoke shaped add-ons. What's more, all parts can be laminated with a drywipe face seal, meaning with a drywipe pen the displays may be written on and wiped clean after use, ready to be written on again.

All our printed magnetic car and van signs and displays are produced using our amazing high quality CMYK output. This helps guarantee designs will look exactly as you imagined them!








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Vehicle Signs


Bespoke Magnetic

Bespoke Magnetic


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 We are the trusted partner to your creative expression, ensuring that your design intentions shine through. Just as you imagined.


Cases & Wallets


Printed presentation materials are a great way to differentiate your business.


Shape Cut


Whether it’s in the form of a free-standing display, signage or standee, these easily printed marketing assets deliver a huge impact for a low cost.


Display Boards


We offer both indoor and outdoor materials which can be easily wall mounted or used as free standing signage.


Exhibition Graphics


Our exhibition graphics are printed on high quality materials and can be finished in a variety of ways.




Magnetic printed materials can be fitted to vehicles as a means of advertising on the road.




Posters can be displayed anywhere and have a great impact.




We’ve been producing high-quality, high-impact signs for over 30 years. Everything from storefronts to POS.




Stickers are as popular as ever. Used to great effect on the high street, in classrooms and vehicles.


Window Decoration


Full colour window graphics are a great way to brand any office or retail window, be it with company logos, designs or strap lines.

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"We wanted to have our company logo on the glass partitions of our meeting room and had the image pre-designed when we approached Evans Graphics. We are extremely pleased with the end result as it looks so good. I will definitely use Evans Graphics again and recommend them to others too."

Joe Hart

"Evans Graphics was very helpful with the magnetic van designs. Helped us make use of advertising space while also keeping it looking smart. Great job, very happy."

Thomas Jackson

"Evans Graphics did exactly as I expected. Prints were delivered on time, in perfect order and the print quality was spot on. Thank you for making my life a little easier!"

Joe, Really Awesome Coffee

"Great quality, reliable and helpful. Evans did a fantastic job for us. Despite the tricky specs and the tight timeline we gave them, the team pulled out all the stops to produce what we needed."

Cat Kienwald

"Really pleased with the service we received whilst ordering magnetic minibus banners for our school. Prompt responses, high quality printing and finishing and really quickly delivered-- even a little ahead of the day they had quoted me which was a fantastic surprise as we needed the banners pretty quickly. Will definitely use again."

Remy Njambi

"Evans did some magnetic education resources for us. I had a lot of questions and they were patient and gave really good information about what was or wasn't possible and why. Great comms."

James Harris

"Fantastic service & very professional. helpful with the format needed. I required magnets for outdoor use, but also allowed several to be placed on top of each other. Marc was excellent in understanding my special requirements."

Debbie Taylor

"We approached Evans Graphics very last minute for some magnetic van graphics for a high profile event we were sponsoring, the staff at Evans were super helpful, super responsive and turned them around with time to spare."

Camille Ashforth

"Excellent service, efficiency and quality of printed signs. I would highly recommend."

Helen Trueman

"Fabulous company with great customer service! Needed help and Evans Graphics didn't hesitate to give me the direction needed. Would use again and definitely would recommend! Thank You."

Radley James

Products : Magnetic : Blogs : What is Digital Print Capable of?

What is Digital Print Capable of?

Digital printing has come a long way since its inception back in the 90’s. Many people are probably unaware of the effect digital printing has had on the printing industry and the incredibly diverse range of businesses it works with.

The majority of our own experiences with digital printers are limited to the desk top inkjets and photo copiers we use at home and work, blissfully unaware of the of how many processes have changed as a result of the new technology and how it has affected them.

Digitally Capable | Evans Graphics

New Uses

These changes aren’t limited to traditionally print focused industries either, and innovative new ways to use the print technology are constantly being developed.

It was fairly obvious that the advent of digital printing would make printing small batches of items like business cards vastly easier and cheaper. However, furniture making is not an industry anyone would have associated with quick and cheap printing a few decades ago, but that is exactly what is happening now.

In an effort to cut down on the cost and long lead times of manufacturing, furniture makers are beginning to use state of the art digital printers to create fashionable cloth patterns on demand. This removes the cost of holding stock or having potentially undesirable designs needing to be sold at reduced margins – improving margins, lowering prices, boosting sales and increasing profits.

Interior decoration applications don’t stop there either, with wall sized graphic images printed onto wall vinyl and wallpapers now readily available, and even backlit designs printed onto clear acrylic sheets to create dramatic conversation pieces.

Digital printing is even now being used to print on ceramics using specialist printers, where its ability to produce intricate but identical results is proving extremely useful.

For more traditional print work, the possibilities are now almost endless as the versatility of the technology has allowed for printing on just about any material in very small quantities, reducing costs and increasing accessibility.

Wall graphics, indoor and outdoor signage, promotional materials, banners and posters, are just some possibilities available no matter the size of print run thanks to digital printing.

Digital Capable Graphics | Evans Graphics

Future Unknown

There was a genuine concern that the emergence of digital printing would actually mean the end for several of the older printing methods, most notably lithographic and Screen printing. While this may still become a reality in the future, currently digital printing is supplementing these older methods instead of replacing them which is good news for all within these industries.

Digital printing still costs more per page to produce than other methods, but it recoups these costs by removing the need to have multiple set ups. With the current status quo, longer run tasks are served better by processes other than digital printing, while it excels at short to mid length runs with short turn-around times.

The technology is still developing and is constantly pushing forward the length of run it can handle before it stops being the better economic option. Dependant on the size of the printed piece anything up to a thousand copies is very much in the digital domain, but with every new printer design the number increases and now several thousands of copies can be handled for less.

For now, we reside in the middle ground where there is still an abundance of choice to provide you with the ideal solution no matter what your printing needs are.

Evans Graphics provide bespoke digital printing solutions with expertise in a wide variety of industries. Our motto is ‘you think it, we’ll make it’ because we are committed to turning your design ideas into reality, no matter what print method you choose.

If you would like more information on Evans Graphics’ printing capabilities call us on 01628 773 630 or contact us here:

Contact us today to discuss your print project with a member of our team.

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