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Point of Sale Display Units

Point of Sale Displays are a simple and effective way to give your customers exactly what they want.

The rise of ecommerce means that the average retailer has to fight twice as hard to not only get the attention of their audience but to keep it too.

With the emphasis shifting from price towards service and experience, effectively presenting your products and promotions is essential POS Display Units are key to that.

High quality point of sale stands are an increasingly important part
of the retail sales mix.

Some statistics have suggested that 70-75% of purchasing decisions are made as the customer is browsing. A point of sale display unit allows you to place your product in high traffic areas, where they will have the greatest influence.

Types of Point of Sale Uses & Applications

  • Product Promotion
  • New Releases
  • Promotional Offers
  • Coming Soon
  • In store events

Point of Sale OS - Evans Graphics


Whether you want a subtle or dominant presence, we can produce the perfect point-of sale system for your business. Our equipment is capable of working with sheets up to 5 meters long, opening up a host of design options.

POS Displays Structure and Finishing

Because it’s both light and cheap, cardboard is overused in point of sale display units. Sometimes it serves to change things up.

Alternative substrates for POS units include:

We can print your point of sale display direct from your artwork, in 4 colour with spot UV.

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